Earthquake Preparedness

With a number of large earthquakes taking place recently, I’ve been meaning to re-visit the plan and our preparedness.  Are you ready?


Crocker Raffle Ticket Sales via Video

Ben turns to new media to try and drum up sales for his raffle ticket contest.


Excited to get involved and use my camera to help others

Charity: Water

Love the Charity: Water website. Best use of design, photos and video to engage others to act.  Are you ready to give up your birthday?

Sailing SF Bay with Team Chico

Is there a better way to welcome Fall to San Francisco than sailing across the Bay? We had a fabulous day Sunday sailing with Team Chico as one of the Live Auction events that helped raise a few dollars to benefit Dan’s family. Thanks to everyone for their generosity and especially my dad for donating a day out on the Bay aboard Quark Speed.

Best dog ever

Cooper hangs out during the chaos of Valentine’s Day

Reclaiming my blog

It’s time to reclaim my blog as it seems like I’ve fallen off the wagon here the last 4 months.  With friends and family asking where are the updates, it’s been  too long without a post, picture or even a recording.  It’s been eating me up inside and all I can say is somewhere over the last few months, it’s been work, family or some other excuse that’s prevented me from finding a few minutes to stay in touch. 


I think Jeff has the perfect perspective on what this medium can do and thanks for challenging me to point my browser back to the blog and start typing.


Jeff Sandquist – Microsoft Evangelist – Taking back my blog – the fastest year

 I was reviewing some of my archives and it really is a nice way to document your life, reflect back on what was going on at the time and stay in touch with friends and family so far away. 


So I’m back and with plenty that has happened over the last 4 months and will be posting more frequently. Be sure to drop me a few comments and stay in touch.