Night out in SF

You know it’s time to get out a little more when you’re gearing up for a big night out in the city and no longer know the names of any good restaurants or bars in your own backyard.
Last weekend Steph and I went out with with a group of her friends from high school.  Mellisa and Pete were visiting from Redlands so we decided it was time to fire up and hit the town.   We took BART in with Chad and Kathleen for dinner at Ristorante Bacco.  The food was ok, but the walk 12 blocks from the BART station was a killer (especially for the ladies in the heels).  After dinner we took a crazy cab down to Harry’s bar on Filmore.  It was a great time out and was our first chance to test out the new babysitting co-op we joined in the neighborhood.  The only down side…we were back before midnight.  Check out the pictures from the night.

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