NYC wrap up

A little late, but the wrap up for the trip to NYC/NJ was a long week of work!! It ended at 1:30 AM after a 12 hour travel day back to the Bay Area.  I did have a chance to head into NYC on Wednesday evening to catch up with Chris, Noel and Gunner.

The adventure started with a train ride in, which I had to IM a picture to Ben on the way.  He was jealous dad was riding a real train.  It has been over 5 years since I’ve been to the city and I forgot how crazy New Yorkers can be.  After fighting traffic in a cab, I had a chance to see Chris and Noel’s new place and have dinner and drinks with Chris at Elios. It was a great little Italian place in their neighborhood and then it was a quick return trip back to the hotel in New Jersey.  Along the way to catch the last train home, I did snap a few pics (via phone camera) of Union Square and the NYC nightlife.


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