Project Portfolio Management Arena launched today

After a lot of work the last couple of days we finally had the soft launch of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Arena today.  I’m excited to see this finally get off the ground not only for Project Arena, but because there is such a lack of commentary and knowledge out there on the subject of PPM.
Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is gaining acceptance and momentum as a high impact practice.  The purpose of our new blog is to provide provocative content about PPM and to elicit meaningful conversations about making PPM a competitive advantage.
The initial postings will feature our CEO Demian Entrekin providing his perspective on the current and future states of PPM, but you’ll also find him stirring it up over passionate topics he comes across. Stop by, check it out and participate through comments, questions and recommendations.  If you don’t see a topic you think should be covered, let us know. 
I wonder what Scoble and Shel would say over on Naked Conversations about a small company trying "to do it right"?

One response

  1. Todd

    Shel, thanks for taking a minute and leaving some feedback. Naked Conversations was an influence and reference as we put together the site. I look forward to the final version.

    July 31, 2005 at 11:19 pm

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