Hooked on Odeo!

I’m hooked on Odeo, sounds so much better than addicted right?  The site is simple, clean and delivers on the mark (Listen, Synch & Create) making it easy for newbies and the pros to find great audio, synch with their portables and even participate in the community much like Flickr with comments and tagging. 
This started an interesting discussion last night with my father in-law about the concept of podcasting and the role that audio plays in learning with my generation and the impact on  business today.   He did everything on paper and face to face discussions.  I do everything from a cell phone,  VOIP, podcasts, web-based tutorials and screencasts.  I’m even migrating the way I communicate with family and friends across the country.  No more VHS tapes, email and static photos, it’s now about this blog and adding the power of audio and video to stay in touch. 
I can’t wait to add audio of Ben and the "quotes of the week", it’s one thing to read them a completely different experience to hear them in context.  Odeo seems poised to bring audio & podcasting to the masses, much like Evan did for blogging with Blogger.  I can’t wait to watch and see the results, as they’re off to a strong start already.

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