Happy July 4th!

Happy 4th of July to everyone!
This year we packed up the caravan and headed to Bass Lake for the annual 4th of July celebration hosted by our friends Rich and Lea.  The location is beautiful and the house is amazing.  We always have a crowd and this year we ended up with 20 adults and about 12 kids all under the age of 5. We seem to be pushing tribe status….luckily it’s split between 2 houses.  Check out the full picture show here or see the abridged version over to the right in the photo album.
The weekend events included:
  • Creekers vs. Chico Olympics (swim relay, beach volleyball, King of the Mountain, football dock diving)
  • Beach time
  • Fishing ( Ben & I caught a few small Bass)
  • Boating, Swimming
  • Amazing firework show over the lake
  • Barbecuing, Smores

We took Tuesday off and made it a long weekend and it was just really nice to relax, enjoy good friends and family and the beautiful scenery of Bass Lake.

See if you can find the picture that sums up the one accident from the weekend.  Hint:  Ben’s last comment was, "my tummy hurts".




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