Daddy Week…you can all call Ben now

This week Steph has been traveling in Sacramento for a work training event.  It’s been nice to have a few days with Ben for a little quality daddy time. 
I’m just amazed at the little things Ben can now grasp.  When Steph calls in the evenings to say hello, Ben takes the phone and will actually carry on a conversation with Steph.  He loves to tell her about his day and all the activities he’s been involved in.  Being in the midst of potty training, he’s very proud of "no accidents" and delivers the progress report.  He talks of his 2 hour naps and the friends he played with at the park.  He also advises Steph of the menu for dinner, just in case dad is slipping up and forgetting the vegetables.  The best is when ever there is a pause in the conversation, he yells, "you there?"  His signature sign-off is…"Miss you, Love You, See You Soon" followed by multiple blown kisses into the phone.
So now all the grandparents and cousins can start calling and don’t worry we won’t be offended if you ask to speak with Ben

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