Millie’s 85th Birthday Party

A few weeks ago we packed up Ben and flew to Chicago to celebrate Steph’s grandmother’s 85th birthday.  The weekend included a number of "family reunion activities" as family members arrived from around the country.  

Our trip started a little rough when Ben’s DVD player (aka Steph’s Laptop) crashed about halfway through our flight. Long story short, we lost the hard drive which had a number of repercussions (more on that in another post).  Every parent knows the DVD player is a must have for long plane flights…luckily we found Target before the return flight home.

The weekend activities consisted of a visit to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, Ribs at Carson’s, a Soccer "Grudge Match" and of course the Big Birthday Bash.  The museum was a hit with Ben.  They not only had real trains, but an electric powered train table that was the size of our house!

The soccer grudge match was a classic.  It was the young and gunnin’ cousins vs the collegiate alums as Coach Larry and Coach Buzz squared off for the family title.  We lost track of goals, but I’m sure the West Coast represented and it was all about the Advil afterward.

The main event was the actual birthday party out at Millie’s country club.  We had dinner and cake for about 40 people and it was so good to catch up with family members from around the country. Ben quickly became the center of attention with his "funny face"  and unfortunately picked up some bad habits from Steph’s cousin Aaron.  There were wonderful speeches from the 3 daughters, Millie’s brother Marv, Uncle Buzz and the grandchildren.  I know grandma Millie had a wonderful time at her party and was on cloud nine the rest of the weekend. 



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