Kids and Rules

Thinking as I read Lisa’s thoughts on kids and their need of structure and rules, I couldn’t agree more.  The challenge can be with consistency especially b/t two different parents and their individual styles. 

Steph and I agree on most issues, but have different styles which ultimately equate to different "interpretations" of the rules.  I tend to be a little more relaxed and ok with Ben pushing the boundaries.  Sometimes that means caving in and trying hard not to appear too big a pushover.  I know he’s working me, but the kid can be so damn cute sometimes!  Don’t get me wrong, I can be quick to count to 3 and probably lead in the number of timeouts distributed this month, but maybe I just think kids will be kids growing up and need a little space to develop in the world.

Side note:  What’s the deal with kids wanting to see every pot of water boil, asking the same question over and over thinking they will get a different answer, hitting the floor in an all out tantrum when they don’t get their way and doing exactly what you just asked them not to do. Nice to know Ben’s not alone in his artistic reflection of the life of just another terrible 2.


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