A little Zen in my life

A Creative Zen Micro to be exact.  I finally broke down and jumped into the MP3 players after reading Mike and Omar’s reviews of the Zen Micro.  I’d been thinking about this over the last couple years and came close to joining the masses with an IPOD a couple of times but in the end couldn’t support Apple’s closed format.

I love the Zen Micro’s support for different formats including "Plays Anywhere" DMR as well as the radio.  The form factor is a can’t miss and is the size of a business card.  The hardest part of the decision was choosing the right color. ( I chose black…I know BORING!!)

Not only did I finally dive in head first, but I was inspired to dust off the external hard drive with 120 Gigs of tunes (appx. 35,000 songs) and get my digital audio life organized.  I’ve found myself recently listening to Launchcast from Yahoo daily at work and now with their $5/month Yahoo Music Unlimited Service, I might just have to step up to a subscription service.

It’s amazing when you pay attention to how many of your friends these days have their entire music collection ripped to digital and have playlists set up for all the various parties and events.

What are you listening to…and more importantly on what??


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