3 letters, 1 word, enough already

So the magical 3 letter word that we hear daily….no make that hourly….actually these days it’s every 10 minutes and can sometimes be repeated 5 consecutive times in 30 seconds… is WHY.  Why do I have to go to bed? Why are we having tacos for dinner? Why is Sophie going home? Why is Cooper sleeping? Why, Why, Why, Why!

I know it’s a stage, and we try to be positive and even view it as an opportunity to enrich Ben’s vocabulary or understanding of how life works and what makes the world go round, but sometimes you just feel like giving up.  What ever you do though, don’t ignore the kid, he can hit the repeat button and fire off that single little word at least 20 times in that same 30 second period if he feels that no one is listening.

Pssst…don’t think I’m a bad parent, but my new secret to managing the daily deluge of whys is to pose an equally perplexing question back to the 2.5 year old.  He pauses and considers his options of how to respond and that’s when I beat him to the punch with a completely different dialog.  Now he’s answering my questions and I’ve finally regained some resemblance of control of the conversation. 


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