Flickr to the rescue

Ok, I finally broke down and decided to test out the Flickr account I set up like 6 months ago.  All I can say is I can’t believe it took me over 6 months to get on board!! I’ve heard all the fans raving, but have been content until now to use the MSN photos function to serve up photos with this site.  Other options have been to use Yahoo Photos because of the nice integration with Messenger and my 360 site or the original Shutterfly and Ofoto because of all the family members looking to order pics and the nice integration with Jasc Photo Album which I use to manage my photos locally.

One of the driving features to switch was the ease of use and power of using tags to manage all my photos.  I also really liked the feature of creating groups and allowing others to upload pictures from the special event.  Now if only I had a blog that supported the integration. Oh well, can’t get everything the first time around.

Check out some of the recent photos:

It’s a small world…just spoke with Dan Slarve tonight and he just started using Flickr as well.  We were supposed to go to Cade’s party, but it was the same weekend as the Chicago trip.  At least now I can see all the fun we missed.


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