Oakland police officer using the web

It’s great to see a local police officer embarrassing the web.  Here’s an example of a community officer taking matters into his own hands to keep the community up to date with crime and how they can help with the problem.   I’m glad to hear others are now looking to model how successful his site is and the way he is working with the community.  Nice work Lt. Lawrence Green, now we just need to get you blogging for the frequent updates.

I think being well informed is important, but I must say it’s a little scary to see up close and personal the details of the crime going on in and around your neighborhood.   


OAKLAND, Calif. A Web site detailing crime in North Oakland is being lauded as an effective law enforcement tool, and emulated by police officers across the city.

The site was created by Oakland police Lt. Lawrence Green and went online in late March. Green said the site received more than 1,100 hits in its first week.

Green said he first began communicating with North Oakland residents a few years ago through a Yahoo e-mail group. Subscribers learned about recent criminal activities in specific police beats, and discussed strategies to reduce crime in their areas.

The lieutenant was even criticized by superiors at first for giving out too much information. 

For the complete story: Red Bluff Daily News Online – News


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  1. Jam

    Thanks man,,, I will check it out today,,

    April 19, 2005 at 6:18 pm

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