Warriors…A Great Time Out!!

Just as they promote, "It’s a Great Time Out" and I have to go again. 

Friday night I had the chance to see the Golden State Warriors take on the Phoenix Suns from the best seats in the house…courtside!!  Thanks go out to my good friend Mike G. who had the tickets and talk about First Class VIP treatment.  Lets just say that the front row parking, club access and seats were just unbelievable.  You add to that one of the best games of the year and a Warrior victory 127-119, it was the perfect night.

The action was up close and personal starting with the warm up.  It was amazing to watch Steve Nash juggling basketballs (soccer style) more with his feet than with his hands.  Now I’ve heard he’s quite the soccer player and his role in this year’s Slam Dunk Contest seems to validate that.  Stoudamire is incredible in person.  He had a few monstrous slams over Adonal Foyle throughout the night.  I guess when you’re that good, you can be a little cocky, but it does get old after a little while.

The Warriors were all Jason Richardson and Baron Davis most of the night.  Those two were making things happen and hitting unbelievable shots.  There was also strong play from Dunlap (had to remind him my Tar Heels were National Champions since he’s a Dukie) as well as Foyle and Peterus coming down the home stretch.  Let’s just say the action was up close and personal as a few lose ball situations almost ended with players in my lap.

Another highlight of the evening was our brief conversation with Ronnie Lott and his wife Karen during halftime.  They were about 10 seats down from us, so Chad and I walked over to say hello.  I have met Ronnie a couple of times before including sitting at a blackjack table with him in Tahoe as well as Mike’s New Year’s party.  They are both so down to earth and really nice to talk with.  Chad and Ronnie were discussing Redlands vs. Eisenhower from the good old days and Karen and I were talking about the game as well as kids.  We almost had Ronnie committed to coming out and playing with the hockey team.  He was getting a kick out of the discussion, but looks like we’ll have to keep working on him.

The night was perfect and the game ended with a super competitive, high-scoring Warriors win 127-119.  What else could you ask for…it was a great time out!


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  1. Jam

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    April 12, 2005 at 8:04 pm

  2. Todd

    Mrjampo, thanks for the comments on my space. It works well to keep friends and family in touch with what\’s going on. I\’ve played around a little bit with video, but have not successfully put up a link yet. I was able to find out a few tips by checking out Space Cadet JimH. Take a look and hope it helps http://spaces.msn.com/members/jimh/Blog/cns!1pIwoolkg7JjrYq1ws4w23Pg!171.entry

    April 18, 2005 at 11:02 pm

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