Happy Easter…Eggs Anyone?

A little behind on the updates, but wishing everyone a Happy Easter!!  Much like this past Christmas, Ben is totally getting into the holidays.  We were able to squeeze in 2 easter egg hunts this year and ended up with baskets full of colorful eggs and plenty of candy to last until Halloween.  It was amazing watching Ben really get into coloring eggs and the whole concept of the hunt.  Once he figured out there was candy in the eggs, he did get a little side-tracked opening each one as he found them. 

Saturday we went over to Scott and Wendy’s house for the ultimate egg hunt.  They have a huge back yard and it was perfect for the 10-15 kids (yes it’s scary now that the kids outnumber the parents) ranging in age from 1 – 5.  It was a wonderful day spent catching up with good friends, playing with all the kids and I even manned the b-que for a great dinner.  Thanks again to Scott and Wendy for hosting a wonderful event.

Sunday we spent most of the day with my parents.  The day included brunch at the house followed by another egg hunt.  At Steph’s request however we changed out the candy in the eggs and Ben was just as happy to find Match Box cars and always the favorite, Thomas The Train. We then ended up at the park for a nice outing on the slides and swings. 


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