Clear Lake – Back to Back Weekends

In an effort to really start using the Lake House this season, we spent the other weekend up at the lake.  It was great to have my sister fly in from San Diego for a visit and my parents made the trip up late Friday night.  Ben enjoys spending time with his Aunt Tracy, Nana and Papa and we enjoy the break.   Add in the beautiful weather, the lake and all the extra curricular activities and you can’t beat a weekend at Clear Lake.

Even though it was 75 degrees outside and perfect weather for the Sky Chairs , it looks like we’ll have to wait until the next trip to get the ski’s going.  The water is still 57 degrees which makes things a little numb after a few runs around the lake.  The concert series is heating up as well and I can’t wait to catch a few shows.

Check out the updated photos in the album.   The big events of the weekend were:

  • Ben gets his first real fishing pole
  • Gate plans to finish the deck (need new aluminum gates)
  • Dock plans initiated (time for new dock

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