Talking about Jerry Brown: Critical Assistance

It’s great to see our local mayor Jerry Brown has jumped into the Blogosphere and communicating with his constituents.  I’m sure it’s mainly a move to get his voice out there for the Attorney General race coming up, but he actually has some very interesting posts.

Steph and I have met Jerry a couple of times out on the town and he comes across as "a man of the people".  In my eyes he’s done an enormous amount to make Oakland an enjoyable place to live.  He has brought about much needed renovation in many parts of the city while bringing businesses back for a more vibrant downtown.

Since I work next to City Hall, I ran into this group preparing to protest last week.  It always amazes me how activist groups like this can be off the mark in their efforts to bring about change.  It’s all about the publicity.


Jerry Brown: Critical Assistance


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