Oakland City Council – The Candidates

I had a chance to get out last week and get more involved in local politics.  I must admit it was a little different, but worth a couple of hours attending a community forum hosted by a few of the local neighborhood associations for District 2 City Council candidates. 

I think it will be an interesting race as half the 9 candidates seem to have experience led by Pat Kernighan (the current chief of staff for outgoing City Council member Danny Wan) and the other half newcomers like Todd Plate trying to break into local politics.  There was very little differentiation in the candidates  and frankly the format was challenging to really get at any substance (1 minute to respond to questions asked from the audience) .

I look forward to a candidate stepping out and getting substantive with their platform and to start addressing the issues facing Oakland and in particular our local district.

Update: here is a recap of the answers from the candidates that evening, thanks to the Greater Grand Lake Coalition.



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