ClearLake…1st trip of the season

This weekend we had a chance to get up to the lake house and officially kick off the arrival of Spring, or at least we hope.  It was nice to have a break in the rain and the 75 degree weather and plenty of sunshine made for a perfect weekend.  Check out the pictures in the album

Chad and Kathleen Roghair joined us with their 2 little girls Sidney-5 and Paige- 7 1/2.  Ben had an absolute blast with the girls and all the kids enjoyed their first experience of tossing in a fishing line off the dock.  As we were baiting hooks and rigging up fishing line, I couldn’t help but think of all the wonderful memories I had growing up fishing in the Carolinas.  I spent countless hours reeling in Blue Gill, Sunfish, Catfish and Carp from the banks of local lakes, bridges down in Myrtle Beach and even tried my hand at ice fishing for a few years in Chicago.  Ahhh, <big sigh> where has time gone?  So one of my belated New Year’s resolutions is going to be getting back into the hobby.   I told Steph I’m getting a fishing license this week and renewing my long lost love for casting a line.  I can’t wait to get Ben involved and spend time with him just sitting on a dock!!

Another main attraction for the weekend was the boat actually started and we took everyone for a spin around the lake.  Since the water is still 57 degrees, there were no brave souls willing to risk the cold for the first ski run of the season despite the perfect water conditions. 

Other highlights included Margarita happy hour, Chad reeling in a 20 lb bass (on the Sega Dreamcast) and the girls continuing to dominate the boys in the movie trivia game Scene It.

We look forward to heading back up to the lake this coming weekend with my parents and sister who is flying in from San Diego.  It should be a relaxing weekend (unless the numerous projects kick in) and a chance for me to start fishing again.




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