Local Politics: District 2 Council Seat

A month ago my good friend Pat and I were having dinner and started talking about how Danny Wan resigned his City Council seat for District 2 to spend more time taking care of his aging parents.  It was an intersting conversation and we both agreed on the inportance of getting involved locally and really understanding the candidates that are running in a special election to fill his seat.

The following week I find out our neighbor and friend Todd Plate is throwing his hat in the rink as one of the 9 candidates squaring off for the District 2 City Council seat. We spent some time talking to Todd and really believe he has a good plan for our local neighborhood.  He has been out knocking on doors in the district and trying to meet people to discuss the issues facing district 2 and his plan to re-connect the neighborhoods.

I’m looking forward to getting involved in the local poltics. We plan on throwing a house party sometime in the next couple of weeks to help Todd meet other friends and neighbors, and we’ll see if Todd needs any assistance on the volunteer side.

Stay tuned for more!

PS:  Todd’s in the background of the pictures.  His little girl Bella is the same age as Ben, and the other Sunday they were both racing to see who could stuff more doughnuts in their mouth.  I think the race ended in a tie and both kids were wired on sugar for the rest of the day 


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