Naked Gun Weekend – recap

We made it back from a wonderful (but wet) long weekend in Newport that provided some long awaited rest and relaxation.  The trip went by really quick, unless you talk to my parents who were watching Ben and Cooper for the weekend.

Friday – we arrived and settled into the Marriot Newport Coast Villas, which is a great resort just south of Newport Beach and north of Laguna Beach.  Our room was a beautiful 2BD, 2BA villa with full kitchen and huge living space. We had dinner at one of Steph’s favorite restaurants, the Cheesecake Factory, and then hustled over to a late showing of the Aviator.  Our second movie in 2 weeks…we didn’t know what to do with ourselves.  We both weren’t that impressed with the movie as it went on for 3 hours and at times seemed to drag a little.  I think they did a great job with telling the Howard Hughes story and I’m sure Leo will get an Oscar or something, but it could have been a little more engaging.  I will say though, we both left wishing we knew a little more about Howard Hughes’ life and legacy.

Saturday – Full day in Laguna Beach window shopping and dodging raindrops.  We met Steph’s good friends from high school, Katie and Jason Foster who brought their little boy Kellen up from San Diego for lunch.  It was great to catch up and compare stories of the trouble 2 year olds can get into.  On a recommendation, we had dinner at Javier’s Cantina off the Pacific Coast Highway right in downtown Laguna Beach It was one of the best Mexican meals we’ve had in a long time.  Steph and I are both partial to enchiladas so the crab and shrimp enchilada was an easy decision and truly delectable.  

Sunday – More rain…yes it was a wet weekend, so no time to hit the pool or work on the tan.  The morning started with the Time Share Presentation (the secret to the naked gun getaway weekend on the cheap).  It wasn’t too bad (60 minutes) and since my parents and sister each own a Marriot time share, we knew the pitch and jumped to the specifics of the program.  I must say Steph did get a little nervous that I was about to throw down the deposit for our own timeshare.  At this point no room in the budget, but I think it may be something we look at in the future.  Quite a few people we know have time shares and it’s a great way to take really cool vacations each year, especially with the kids.  After all….that is how we did the family trip to Europe last summer.

For the afternoon we found sunshine and headed up to Balboa Island (just north of Newport).  We spent the time browsing more boutiques and local shops on the main drag and then toured the amazing homes along the shore.  It’s hard to imagine 2 bedroom beach cottages going for $2-5 Million.  Location, location, location as they say!   We also took the ferry across to Balboa Peninsula and toured the Ferris wheel, merry-go-round and bumper cars on the boardwalk.  I couldn’t talk Steph into a ride, so we ended up checking out the pier before heading back to the car.  Unfortunately the rain started to pour and my pragmatic decision (the sun was out) to leave the umbrella and jackets in the car proved dire as we ended up a little wet.

Sunday evening (after drying off), we headed down to San Diego to see my sister’s place (only took us 3 years to get there) and have dinner.  It was great to catch up with Tracy and Jon and hear how life is going for them.  They have a very cool place in a new development and even live near a couple of my friends from high school.  Talk about a very small world.  The best part of the evening was Jon’s margarita having a serious effect on Steph after just a few sips.  Luckily, I was driving so John and I will have to hold the Margarita contest another time.  Maybe this summer up at the lake would be a good venue.  Jon, consider this the official challenge.

Monday – the honeymoon was close to being over.  We arrived at the airport around 10:30 AM and our friends on Southwest took us home to see Ben.  It was a fabulous break and seemed to go by quickly, but it’s amazing how much you miss your son after being gone for just a few days.


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