Morning Wake-up Call

I’m on the road again this morning headed to Calgary, Canada for a client implementation.  It’s always tough leaving before dawn and knowing you won’t see your family for 4 days, especially your 2 year old son who seems to develop and change daily.  Technology has helped ease the separation as I’ve been perfecting the gadgets to stay in touch (IM, camera phone, emailing pictures, etc).

Well this morning I was pleasantly surprised to have a wake-up call/voicemail from Ben wishing me a safe trip while telling me how much he misses me and can’t wait for me to get home.  Talk about everything coming to a halt while my heart melted.  Ben’s vocabulary has really grown and he is beginning to carry a conversation and really express how he feels.  This is the second voicemail I have from him and I keep them saved on my phone, so I can play them at anytime.  Perhaps someday I’ll figure out how to digitize them and save them for the archives.

Tools of the Trade:

Treo 600 – must have for the voice, email, IM and Web access.  Camera phone is a huge plus for quick pics back home

Verichat (  – fabulous IM client, keeps me dialed into friends, family and co-workers from the road.  I can snap a quick picture from my camera phone and through verichat on the treo, IM the picture to Steph and Ben real time to show them where I am and what I’m doing.  Ben loves that, especially when it’s a picture of an airplane.


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