Who invented the Car Pool Lanes?

This week we implemented a new client down in San Jose.  Talk about cool technology, but that’s a story for another time.  It was a brief reminder of my commuting life back during the Seagate days.  (2 hours each way..I shudder at the flashbacks)  The drive down wasn’t too bad this week since we split up the team and managed to breeze past everyone in the HOV lane.  Who invented this lane anyway?  Why sometimes only 2 people while others make you find a third?  When you’ve got the numbers, you feel privileged.  When you don’t, it’s like being left out in the cold.  You sit there and ponder the $341 fine and is it worth it?  How about the latest features of modern technology?  Nothing like real time access to information, and you can even pull up the images from those roadside web cams.  When you add a Smartphone to the mix, it’s a powerful tool to combat the commuting doldrum.

Thank goodness my typical daily commute is only 5 miles and we make it in 8 minutes.  And despite the lack of HOV lanes on city streets we still commute (3 of us), just to do our part for the environment.


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