Happy Birthday Steph!!

Steph turns 35 today!!! It’s a big day around the house…actually I should say big week.  For those that know her, Steph’s all about birthdays. It all starts like the superbowl with a week long pre-game hype leading up to the main event. 

Things started Sunday night with a long awaited "date night". Steph and I went out to dinner and actually found a nice little restaurant called Zao Noodle House.  Unfortunately this was our second choice since I failed to secure reservations at PF Changs.  We closed out the night by taking in Sideways, which was a pretty good little comedy.  Check out all the awards this one is winning, and if you like wine, you’ll get a kick out of the storyline.

Today was full of phone calls and email wishes from friends and family.  It’s amazing how some people always remember special days like this and take the time to send a greeting.  Thanks to everyone who took the time, Steph really enjoyed all the b-day wishes. 

I was up early baking a cake…have to have the cake!!  This year it was the Confetti Special with white frosting.  Although you see them more at 2 year old b-days…they’re easy to make and really good.  As soon as Ben woke up we had the birthday song going and seems it was repeated throughout the day.  We closed out the evening with a special dinner, a dozen roses and of course a few small gifts.

Still have another mini celebration planned for this Sat PM where we are going to meet up with some of Steph’s college friends for dinner and cake. 

Like I said…it’ a week long event around our house.


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