Santa Pictures – Take 2

So we had our 2nd Santa visit Friday night to take the time honored Santa picture.  After a failed first attempt, we spent the week talking up the big guy in red.  Ben took the bait asking to go see Santa every 5 minutes so we decided Friday was the day.  We thought we had it made, even up to the door of the "North Pole", except we should have known it was too good to be true.  Within minutes of entering the big guys house the tears were flowing and Ben wouldn’t let go of Steph.  Oh well, maybe the third time is a charm.

Always good to have a back up plan…we stopped by the HUGE Christmas Tree around the corner from Santa.  Within minutes Ben was playing with the tree and we pulled out the camera to get this years Christmas Card picture.  Here’s a few shots and I’m sure you’ll see one showing up in the mail soon if you’re on the Christmas list.

We couldn’t leave the Creek without a visit to David M. Brian for the annual ornament purchase.  You know the place you go when you’re a kid and your mom tells you to "keep your hands in your pockets, and don’t touch a thing".  Try taking a two year old in and watch the parents cringe with the sheer amount of expensive breakables within reach.  We stop in each year and pick up a new ornament with a little personalization to remember the year. This year Ben picked the ornament and he went with the latest obsession….trains.   It’s a nice little tradition and I must say I find myself getting more and more into the spirit this holiday season.  What traditions do you have each year?  I think they make the holidays a little more special and you always seem to remember those for years to come.



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