Holiday Parties

This weekend was all about the start of Christmas parties, with 2 on Sat PM.  Steph and I were able to get a babysitter and headed out for a little adult R&R.  Our good friends Stacy and John had a great party just up the street with amazing food catered from the city.  Despite having a sick child upstairs, the Rollo’s were running around making everyone feel right at home.  They always have a great diverse crowd and this get together was no different.  It was great catching up with old friends, some who I haven’t seen in 5+ years.  Even a few Betas showed up and look out…we’re talking about getting the band back together.  Quite a few of us in NorCal have thought it would be nice to get a Beta Alumni event together.  Most likely won’t happen until Feb sometime.  Check out the pictures below…

The second stop of the evening happened to be at the annual Rookie Holiday Party (the soccer team Steph and I play on in th city).  We showed up a little late, but just in time for the dessert trays and the can’t miss "White Elephant" exchange.  Now we’re known to bring some pretty dubious gifts with us to the exchange.  This year we wrapped one decent gift and a less than desireable one just to keep up the tradition.  Steph and I also work well together to maximize our take home gifts…check out this year’s gifts (the jury’s still out).  The mask is a keeper in my book and Steph picked up a nice "classic" set of used bakeware…hmmm, wonder if this means she’ll be baking the cookies tis year?


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