So what’s this blog thing anyway?

So here goes…my big debut onto the web.  I’ve been planning to set-up a website for the last couple of years and just have not been able to get around to it.  Steph would say "What list", but I really do have a list which I can now cross off another item.

The truth is, I just haven’t found a quick, painless way to encompass everything I wanted to do without a lot of technical set-up and time spent up-keeping things.  That’s all changed with this huge Blog movement and now thanks to the team over at Spaces, it’s a snap to set one up and even quicker than re-booting my 4 year old Dell laptop.  

With friends and family all across the country and a 2 year old growing faster than a weed…this will be my attempt to stay in touch, let you know what’s going on and yes even share all those wonderful pictures that you keep calling about. 

So no promises, after all I rely heavily on spell check, often get ahead of my typing and will try to keep things entertaining.  Be sure to post comments and let the fun begin.  Who knows if all goes well, maybe I’ll even convert Steph into setting up her own site.


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