Z-Type Addiction

This is one of those healthy addictions I’ve shared with my 8 year old. Z-Type is a game that helps you learn to type.  Thanks to and Lloyd


Less 365

Inspired by Randy Reddig, I’ve decided 2011 is the year to purge and simplify our lives.  Starting on January 1, and every day after for the rest of the year we will get rid of something by donation, craigslist, recycle, discard or the fabulous Rookies White Elephant Holiday Party.  You can follow the updates on Twitter #less365

Updated: The first items to go:

  • Day 1: Tweetie & Sylvestor Christmas Stockings
  • Day 2: 4 Santa Clause statues
  • Day 3: Pair of Pink Snow Boots
  • Day 4: 2 pairs of kids snow pants
  • Day 5: Fleece denim jacket
  • Day 6: 6 White t-shirts
  • Day 7: 1 pair of Prince tennis shoes
  • Day 8: 1 pair of women’s black boots
  • Day 9: Snowman statue
  • Day 10: 1 faux ficus tree
  • Day 11: 1 less tricycle
  • Day 12: 6 less tennis balls
  • Day 13: 40 christmas cards
  • Day 14: Seagate 8 GB USB Flash drive
  • Day 15: 1 air pump needle

(photo: smemon87)

2nd Grade Social Media

UPDATE 10/31/2010: Ben walked 26 laps (13 miles) today barley pausing for a restroom break and to eat. I’m proud of his commitment and determination. (The multiple snow cone coupons may have helped too)

Ben gets out the word on his fundraising effort for the upcoming walkathon. He gets very anxious about walking door to door and talking with neighbors. He’s at home in front of a computer making a video for family and friends.

Earthquake Preparedness

With a number of large earthquakes taking place recently, I’ve been meaning to re-visit the plan and our preparedness.  Are you ready?

Crocker Raffle Ticket Sales via Video

Ben turns to new media to try and drum up sales for his raffle ticket contest.


Excited to get involved and use my camera to help others

Charity: Water

Love the Charity: Water website. Best use of design, photos and video to engage others to act.  Are you ready to give up your birthday?